Protect is a Singapore-based firm specializing in the comprehensive sourcing, vetting, and supplying of PPE, infrastructure and supplies for COVID-19 and post pandemic times.

We have had created a marketplace that consolidates all the available products which have been reviewed by our team in singapore and which we believe will help hospitals, large corporations, cities, states, counties, provinces and countries in their pandemic preparedness.

The Protect.SG difference is that we know all of our suppliers and their products intimately.  If the products are not made in Singapore, at a minimum out team ensures they meet the highest quality assurance standards that Singapore and Protect.SG are known for.  Additionally, by connecting you directly to our suppliers, we can help, transparently, ensure you get the best prices and most accurate answers to all your questions.


Our purpose is to connect front line workers, companies, and agencies with the highest quality pandemic supplies and services at the best prices.

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